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At least two artists exist named 'Bros':

1. An Indie rock band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
2. And Engligh boy band from the 1980s and 1990s.

2. BROS is the new project from Ewan and Shamus Currie, front man and keyboardist, respectively, for platinum-selling Canadian band The Sheepdogs. Although they are indeed brothers, the name was chosen with tongue firmly planted in cheek, a reflection of the 10-song self-titled debut album daringly expanding their sonic range in unexpected and playful ways.

This isn’t Sheepdogs-style rawk; in fact, there’s not a lot of guitar on the album at all. Instead, the sound of BROS, encapsulated in the album’s first single “Tell Me,” combines vintage funk and power pop in the spirit of what Sly & The Family Stone once called a whole new thing.

The origin of BROS goes back to the winter of 2014, just after Ewan and Shamus relocated to Toronto from Saskatoon, and prior to The Sheepdogs recording their most recent album, Future Nostalgia. Finding themselves with some downtime, the pair started working on some experimental demos that drew from influences ranging from Badfinger to Latin music legends such as Gilberto Gil and Os Mutantes.

Once enough material was ready, the scene shifted to Thomas D’Arcy’s Toronto studio, Taurus Recording, where the necessary ingredients were added to the musical gumbo on BROS. The end result is an album that’s simultaneously comforting in its familiarity, and astonishing in its inventiveness.

What’s not to like, bro?

2. Bros were an English boy band active in the late 1980s and early 1990s, consisting of the twin brothers Matt Goss and Luke Goss along with Craig Logan. They were managed by former Pet Shop Boys manager Tom Watkins, who it was rumoured was actually one of the main songwriters, working under the name "The Brothers" with other songwriters to give the impression that the Goss brothers were the actual writers of the early hits.

Their first single, I Owe You Nothing, was released in 1987 on CBS. The second, When Will I Be Famous reached number two in the United Kingdom. Their first album, Push, was released in 1988. The group achieved a total of 11 top 40 singles and three Top 40 albums in the United Kingdom, making them one of the biggest acts in British music between 1988 and 1993. They reached number one when "I Owe You Nothing" was re-issued in 1988. Consequently, they also sparked a fashion craze of attaching Grolsch bottle tops to their shoes.

Logan left the band in 1989, and the Goss brothers continued touring. A second album, The Time was released in 1989 followed by Changing Faces in 1991 before the band imploded in 1992, amid contractual and money issues.

Matt Goss started his solo career in 1995 and has enjoyed more top 40 success, especially after being one of the chefs on Gordon Ramsay's Hells Kitchen (ITV).

Luke Goss appeared in west end musicals throughout the 1990s and has also appeared in several movies since 2000, including Blade II, a 2004 TV version of Frankenstein as the creature, and he co-starred alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy in The Man. He also recorded several singles himself, including "Sweeter Than The Midnight Rain" with his 'Band Of Thieves', and was briefly signed to One Little Indian records.

Craig Logan managed P!nk and in 2006 was put in charge of Sony BMG's RCA Records label group.


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When Will I Be Famous? 1

When Will I Be Famous?

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I Owe You Nothing

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Tell Me

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Silent Night

When Will I Be Famous 5

When Will I Be Famous

Drop the Boy 6

Drop the Boy

Cat Among the Pigeons 7

Cat Among the Pigeons

Too Much 8

Too Much

Chocolate Box 9

Chocolate Box

I Quit 10

I Quit

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