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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) "M" is the name of a pop band from the '70s and '80s, fronted by singer/songwriter Robin Scott.

2) "M" is Mathieu Chedid, a french singer born in 1971. For more, see also "-M-" for an alternate labelling convention.

3) "M" (이민우/Lee Minwoo/Minwoo) is a South Korean pop/r 'n b singer. He is also a part of the longest running boyband in South Korea, "Shinhwa".

4) "M" was a German Dancefloor-Project consisting of producers Joachim Muno and Udo Niebergall. They had 2 club-hits in the '90s, "Razzia" & "Pili Pili 96".

5) "M" is the established performance pseudonym for jazz singer M. Nahadr, of "La Vie en Rose", "Madwoman: a Contemporary Opera", and "Cowboy Bebop".

6) "M" is David Pajo of "Papa M", "Ariel M", and has also released material under just "M".

7) "M" is Michael Gray, 50% of "Full Intention".

8) "M" is a rock band hailing from Japan. Their music can be considered part of the "angura kei" movement and they have a similar sound to another Japanese rock band by the name "ムック". Most fans tag them as but the correct tag still is "M".

9) "M." is an Artist from the US. His music is mostly Electronic, Dance, House, Techno, Trance, Euro, New Age and New Wave. He is internet famous with thousands of fans on Facebook and Twitter. He has donated most of his earnings to many charities. Songs such as "It's Brand New Day, Not Happy, Where Did Love Go, Desire and Ecstasy" have become such underground classics. He also goes by the stage name M²X (Be Blunt, Big Bad Wolf) and M²A (More Than A Woman, Fish On The Runway, Release Da Beast, Are You A Good Bitch). With 24+ Tracks available on every online distribution system, countless VJ's on youtube, 18 websites and blogs you can find him anywhere under the "duzkiss" name. M.'s future album's "Me, Myself and I" and "The World According to M." are being released in 2012.

10) "m" is an indietronica/electronic trio from Belarus. They released the first EP "Glimpse Idea" in 2011.

11) "M" is a Japanese rapper

More about…

1) "M" is the name of Robin Scott's musical collaboration which had a hit with "Pop Muzik", reaching No. 1 in the US on November 3, 1979, and No. 2 in the UK charts in April 1979. Other members of "M" at one time or another included Mark King, Brigit Novik, Wally Badarou and Phil Gould, who were later to become "Level 42".

Although often listed or tagged as "one hit wonders", M had three other singles that achieved a chart entry in the UK, "Moonlight and Muzak" (#33 in December 1979), "That's the Way the Money Goes" (#45 in March 1980) and "Official Secrets" (#64 in November 1980).

"M" released three studio albums throughout their career: "New York • London • Paris • Munich" in 1979, "The Official Secrets Act" in 1980, and "Famous Last Words " in 1981 (which was never released in the UK). A fourth album, "Robin Scott with Shikisha", was recorded in 1984, but was not released until 1998.

2009 saw the release of two remix albums - "Pop Muzik - The Remix Album" and "Pop Muzik 30th Anniversary Remixes" - to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of "Pop Muzik".

2) "Lee Min Woo" (born July 28, 1979) is a backup-singer and member of the Korean boyband "Shinhwa". Lee first started his solo act in 2003 when his band was on hiatus. He has since released three successful studio albums. As a solo artist, Lee changed his stage name to "M".


Top Tracks

Pop Muzik 1

Pop Muzik

Qui de nous deux 2

Qui de nous deux

Je dis aime 3

Je dis aime

Onde sensuelle 4

Onde sensuelle

Mon ego 5

Mon ego

A Tes Souhaits 6

A Tes Souhaits

Pop Musik 7

Pop Musik

C'est pas ta faute 8

C'est pas ta faute

Sous ta peau 9

Sous ta peau

Ma mélodie 10

Ma mélodie

Top Albums

Qui De Nous Deux
Qui De Nous Deux
Je Dis Aime
Je Dis Aime
Pop Muzik: The Very Best of M
Pop Muzik: The Very Best of M