Genre black metal, doom metal, Death Doom Metal, death metal, death-doom metal

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1) American death/doom band. In the beginning the gods of doom created Dusk. And Dusk was waste and void; and darkness was upon its face of deep: and the Spirit of the gods of Doom moved upon the music of Dusk and the gods of doom said, Let there be '… Majestic Thou in Ruin': and there was Ruin.
And the gods of Doom heard the album, and they knew that it was good: and the gods divided the light from the darkness. And the gods of Doom called the light popmusic, and the darkness they called Dusk. And the gods of Doom said: "Let Dusk bring forth the most heavy and depressing death/doom of their kind": and it was so. And the gods of Doom saw that it was good.

And the gods said: "Let Dusk have dominion over the most depressive of sounds, and over the most heavy of sounds, and over all beings that wallow in self-pity", and it was so.

And then the gods of Doom grew tired and took it all away, for was to be no more, '…Majestic Thou in Ruin' being but a (old) testament for future bands to look to in wonder and amazement."

The "Dusk" EP and their full-lenght "…Majestic Tou In Ruin" were released an compilation album by Lost Disciple Records, title "Mourning…Resurrect". Their full-length album "…Majestic Thou in Ruin" is a classic of it's genre, even though Dusk could never reach a big audience. Some of the members formed Aphotic after the split-up of Dusk, but they suffered the same dilemma and split-up after the release of a couple EP's. Last release was a split album between the two bands, recorded in 2005 "To Find New Darkness / The Slumber"

MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/duskofficial

2) A Detroit-based alternative/shoe-gaze band from the 90's. Led by record afficionado Marty Klotz, they were a mainstay in the Detroit scene, opening for touring acts including Curve, James and Medicine. Drummer Todd Cochran and guitarist Josh Sparbeck fashioned a style that was reminiscent of early Gang of Four, Mission of Burma and Television. Their last show was played, opening for James, in front of their largest crowd and seemingly at the point that they were drawing the most attention.

3) A french alternative/progressive rock band. They have not yet released any album or EP, and the only available material is their old instrumental demos on their Myspace page. This english-singing band is influenced by the song structures and the sound of Muse, the singing of Foo Fighters, the brutal energy of Deftones and the melodic parts of Mogwai.

You can check their MySpace page at http://myspace.com/dusklive

4) ] A Hungarian Black Metal band. This band described their own music style in the album Deathgate as True Carpathian Black Metal.

The first release was 'Fight Of The Soul' in 1995. Lyrical themes are dealing with misanthropy, hatred, depths of human soul and satanism. Dusk dissociate the band from the clownish / funny / trendy hungarian "Black" Metal scene with the TCBM Circle (True Carpathian Black Metal circle). For more information, check: http://dusk666.webs.com/


1995 - Fight Of The Soul 'demo
1998 - Recognizing Ourselves 'demo (unreleased)
2001 - Scream Of The Soul 'demo
2003 - The Shadowsoul
2005 - The Darksoul's Scream
2005 - Carpathian Darkness
2006 - Beginning (compilation with first 2 demos)
2006 - Deathgate
2007 - Pray For Death
2009 - In Eternal Death
2011 - Book Of Satan

5) A Pakistani death/progressive metal band. Credited as originators of the entire metal scene in Pakistan. The band consisted of Faraz Anwar and Babar Sheikh. Faraz Anwar is an extremely talented guitarist, winner of a Berklee scholarship and appreciated by people like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Recently their sound has changed to a death/thrash style they call "Third World ThunderThrash" with a singapore based line up.

6) A hardcore band from New York state known for their fast music and abrupt tempo changes similar to Converge, Ceremony, Infest, Orchid, etc

7) A studio pop creation of the early 70’s, made as a female-fronted answer to Dawn (made with the same producers/musicians). Lead vocals were by Peggy Santaglia, former lead singer of The Angels. Singles included "I Hear Those Church Bells Ringing" and "Angel Baby".

8) A Malaysian underground Power/Death Metal band.

9) An Australian four piece acoustic based band who play roots grooves, Dusk are from Fremantle, Western Australia. They're debut ep entitled 'The Fragile Escape/Butterflies EP' will be released in March 2006.

10) A Belgian metal band that released three demos over the course of 10 years and split up in 2007.

11) An Italian Band which realeased one record so far: Nemo Ante Mortem Beastus. They play Dark Metal.

12) A Dutch rockband, with famous philosopher Ad Verbrugge as lead-singer.

13) A Japanese band.

14) Canadian Singer-Songwriter. Plays Nirvanas legendary unplugged concert every year in April since 2002.

15) DUSK is a Drone Metal Project, started in the winter of 2013. Hailing from the realm of Ottawa, DUSK provides a look into the psyche of the white middle-class-man that is its sole member. With tediously long soundscapes DUSK creates a cloud of darkness in which you may lose yourself.

they currently have one album released called The Horns of Demons
track list:
1. The Act of Receiving Messages
2. Their Horns Were Long
3. 4
4. With Black Skin and Eyes of Fire

for more information go to http://dusktheband.bandcamp.com/

16) Dusk (or Dusk of Heaven) is also the name of a solo drone/stoner metal project that has released one album, entitled Phantasmagoria.


Top Tracks

Sanctuary 1


Paled 2


Thy Bitter Woe 3

Thy Bitter Woe

With You 4

With You

The Transfiguration (And It Was So) 5

The Transfiguration (And It Was So)

Envision the Terror 6

Envision the Terror

New Habit 7

New Habit

Element of Symmetry 8

Element of Symmetry

...Majestic Thou In Ruin 9

...Majestic Thou In Ruin

Begotten Interlude 10

Begotten Interlude

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With You
With You