Genre dubstep, Drum and bass, House, Hip-Hop, chicago

There is more than one artist or group with this name.

1. A dubstep producer from Leicester, UK.
2. A rapper from Chicago, IL.
3. A violinist/ pianist duo from Japan.
4. A 1980's pop group from Sweden.
5. A 1980's funk-dance duo.
6. A defunct 90's pop duo.
7. A 1990's house producer from Chicago.
8. A Hungarian rock band.
9. A Portuguese group from the 1970's.
10. A Hungarian metal band.

(1) Gemini is a 22 year old Dubstep producer from Leicester. He released his debut EP 'Blue' in 2011 and followed up with the release 'Graduation' shortly after.
He has remixed many artists including Hadouken!, Ed Sheeran, deadmau5, and Lana Del Rey, and collaborated with electro producer Feed Me on Feed Me EP.

(2) Gemini aka. GemStones aka Demarco Castle is a rapper and singer from Chicago, formerly signed to Lupe Fiasco’s record label 1st & 15th before the crew broke up.

(3) Gemini is a Japanese duo consisting of violinist Asuka Mochizuki and pianist Shiho Suzuki. Working under the label Goontrax, they have contributed to various groups and artists including: Cradle Orchestra, Anan Ryoko, re:plus, Robert de Boron and HIDETAKE TAKAYAMA.

(4) Gemini is a Swedish pop group consisting of Karin Glenmark and Anders Glenmark. Their first album consisted mostly of material written by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulveaus of ABBA, including a version of ABBA's unreleased 1982-penned track, 'Just Like That'.

(5) Gemini was a funk-dance duo from the early 80s, consisting of two members, Fred Sawyers and Jerry Scott. Only releasing two singles and an album "Rising," Gemini's 1981 dance classic "Ain't No Love (Better Than Your Love)" has been sought after by music collectors for over a decade.

(6) Gemini is a shortlived, long-forgotten 90s pop duo, David & Michael Smallwood, who had three singles 'Even Though You Broke My Heart','Steal Your Love Away' & 'Could It Be Forever'.

(7) Gemini aka Spencer Kincy was one of the most forward-looking producers in the Chicago house music renaissance of the 1990s. Gemini first came to the world's attention through his recordings for cult Chicago labels Cajual / Relief. He began recording early in the decade, and gained fame for the minimalist flavour of Cajual twelves like ‘Tangled Thoughts' and ‘Duality'. Gemini debuted his album work in late 1997 with his stunning 'In and Out of the Fog and Lights' LP for Peacefrog, which followed 'Hibernation' and 'North Star' EP's.

(8) Gemini is a hungarian pop rock beat band, founded by Várszegi Gábor in 1965. They had one studio album, "I" (1976).

(9) Gemini is a Portuguese group. They participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 1978.

(10) Black metal/punk from italy" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Source

Top Tracks

Blue 1


Broken Love 2

Broken Love

Inside Out 3

Inside Out

mon amour 4

mon amour

Graduation 5


Know me 6

Know me

Going 7


Love Is Banned 8

Love Is Banned

Vision 9


Hola 10


Top Albums

Inside Out
Inside Out
Blue EP
Blue EP