Wilmer X

Genre rock, swedish, svenskt, seen live, pop

In the '80s, Wilmer X took an outspoken stand against synth pop and electronic music, stating a dislike for synthesizers and playing rock & roll with a garage feel. Almost ironically, they also showed a big talent for melodies and catchy pop hooks. In fact, the melodies and the flirtations with pop would later become a problem. But in the '80s it was an excellent complement to the group's aggressiveness.

The group was formed as Wilmer Pitt in 1977, by Nisse Hellberg and Clas Rosenberg. But at the time of their first recording, the single "Sov Min Älskling," they changed their name to the less offensive Wilmer X. After recording a self-titled mini-LP and their first full-length album, Wilmer X, they managed to get a contract with MNW and started working on the album Fula Fula Ord, having a much higher budget than on the previous recordings. The band now included harmonica player Jalle Lorensson, bassist Lennart Nygren, and drummer Jalle Olsson. Sticky Bomb, who was to be Wilmer X's long-lasting drummer, was also included on some tracks on percussion. In 1985, Under Hot was released, providing the group with a slogan with which they described their music. The idea was that they played as if under constant threat, giving them a manic energy. A few more albums gave the group a solid following, especially in southern Sweden, but they did not manage to break through to the big audiences. Neither did their two first albums with English lyrics, Downward Bound and Not Glamorous, break abroad.

In 1988, they changed to the record company EMI and scored their first nationwide hit with the title track from Teknikens Under. This album even included keyboards, something unthinkable five years earlier, and on the following albums, Wilmer X started to move away from their straight and aggressive rock. The double-album Mambo Feber, released in 1991, sold gold, and was also a success with the critics. That was also true about the live album En Speciell Kväll Med Wilmer X from the same year, starring Peps Persson. But from here the group did not seem to know where to move. Pontiac Till Himmelen includes some skilled roots- and gospel-inspired numbers, but also a bunch of melodramatic ballads. On the following albums, they tried blues, country, and ballads without managing to sell near as much as Mambo Feber had.

The different styles they mastered showed the bands competence, but left fans confused. Neither was the songwriting what it had been. In 1995, an excursion into a melodramatic and pathetic landscape on Hallå Världen helped in alienating their most faithful rock fans. When Wilmer X finally announced their return to heavy roots rock and released Primitiv in 1998, many fans draw a sigh of relief. But not wanting to stay on one track for too long, on the next album, Silver, Wilmer X turned to glam rock showing heavy influence from David Bowie and T Rex.

Ett av Sveriges största och mest långvariga rockband genom tiderna.

Bildades 1977 av sångaren och låtskrivaren Nisse Hellberg och munspelaren Jalle Lorensson. Har sedan starten släppt 18 album. Under 80-talets början var bandets album som mest rockiga och etablerade sig som Skånes främsta band. 1988 slog man även igenom över hela Sverige med plattan Teknikens Under. Wilmer X gjorde under denna tid väldigt många spelningar och var och är fortfarande ett väldigt starkt liveband. Under 90-talet breddade man stilen och fick en stor hit med balladen "Vem får nu se alla tårar". Efter lite olika musikvägar ochstilar återvände man till rötterna 1998 men främst 2005 då man visade var skåpet skulle stå med listettan "13 våningar upp". Under 2006 har bandet en paus och Nisse Hellberg släpper i oktober soloplattan "Snackbar Blues". År 2007 är bandet förhoppningsvis tillbaka.

Nisse Hellberg-Vocal,gitar
Jalle Lorensson-Harmonica
Sticky Bomb-drums
Thomas Holst-Bas


Top Tracks

Vem Får Nu Se Alla Tårar? 1

Vem Får Nu Se Alla Tårar?

Teknikens Under 2

Teknikens Under

Jag Är Bara Lycklig När Jag Dricker 3

Jag Är Bara Lycklig När Jag Dricker

Hon Är Ihop Med En Insekt 4

Hon Är Ihop Med En Insekt

För Dum För Pop 5

För Dum För Pop

Om En Hund Mådde Så Här 6

Om En Hund Mådde Så Här

Bakom år 2000 7

Bakom år 2000

Blå Vägen Hem 8

Blå Vägen Hem

Ah du, hur fan ser du ut? 9

Ah du, hur fan ser du ut?

Vem får nu se alla tårar 10

Vem får nu se alla tårar

Top Albums

Klubb Bongo
Klubb Bongo
Teknikens Under
Teknikens Under
Mambo Feber
Mambo Feber